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  • rebba saikiran

    rebba saikiran

  • Bret Cameron

    Bret Cameron

    Writer and developer based in London. On Medium, I write about JavaScript and web development πŸ’»

  • Calvin


    Senior UX Designer and team lead | Background as a Java developer and a UI designer #fullstack | Full Blog: https://uxdesignmastery.com

  • Nicklas Millard

    Nicklas Millard

    Tech writer with +1M views. Sharing my opinion and what I learn. .NET backend engineer in FinTech. New YouTube Channel https://bit.ly/3vxqNHj

  • Andrew Coyle

    Andrew Coyle

    Building @nextuxdesign (YC S19) β€’ Formerly @Flexport @Google @Intuit β€’ Interested in platforms

  • Taras Bakusevych

    Taras Bakusevych

    I help businesses design great experiences www.windmillsmartsolutions.com. Sharing what I learned.

  • Thanasis Rigopoulos

    Thanasis Rigopoulos

    Usability Designer @ European Commission - Startup enthusiast - Early Adopter - Product hunter β€” thanasis.me

  • Guy Ligertwood

    Guy Ligertwood

    Product Designer. Scotsman with an English accent, married to an Argentinian, living in Australia.

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