A - Apply | B - Bind | C - Call

J ust to make it more simple, These three work the same and are used for the same purpose i.e to maintain “this” keyword.
Okay, now we know that why they are used. But why are three methods require to serve one purpose, isn’t it weird? 🤔
This blog will help you so to know how and where these three methods are used. Chalo!!! let’s begin our blog.

Let’s take a simple module as an example

As we know that Javascript is synchronous. To achieve async calls we normally use promises, callbacks and other profound techniques. But to understand callbacks in-depth, we need to know how Javascript actually process the code.

Key takeaways from this story:

  1. Heap, Stack and Queue.
  2. How they are associated with the event loop?

Heap, Queue and Stack.

Heap, Queue and Stack


In Javascript, everything is considered to be objects and Heap is a place where every object is allocated with a certain memory and it is mostly unstructured, unlike Queue and Stack.


Every message(or)every piece of code that is executable is considered. …

Assignment Operator
Most Common way to assign a variable to another variable is Assignment Operator (=). But this is one of the dangerous ways when you deal with computing the array of objects.
In the ocean of web development, we often come across many manipulations in arrays and objects, which eventually require assigning the original data and doing computation of that data in another variable without disturbing the original one, which is impossible while assigning the variable directly as it copies the reference of the original one.

Assignment Operator

It is nothing but a Copy of the original one with the same…

Being front-end developers, we have come across many challenges on a regular basis. we would have created many components in order to re-use them throughout our Web application.
Basically, What is the difference between page and component?
In simple words, Pages are a combination of components in most of the cases.
Components are the minute piece of design which can be reused in any number of pages.
To be related with Technical stuff,
The component is a kind of module in a programming language that has its own functionality irrespective of other code. i.e.
A module takes input and produces an output with respect…

It is the management system that is used in development to maintain the files in systematic order. Like if we have several files and corresponding HTML and CSS files for that, it will be a difficult task.
To maintain all those files, Webpack is useful.
It bundles all the files and necessary configuration in it which is used for development.
Configurations of development are handled by Webpack, for example

If you want the changes to reflect immediately in the web here watch is used to do that.
To increase the target API timeout proxy is being used.

So make sure…

We know that the splice function in JS is used to remove one or more elements starting from any index of a given array. It can also be used to add elements at a particular index.

Syntax of Splice
array.splice(start[, deleteCount[, item1[, item2[, …]]]])

In general, there are three parameters:

1. Start — states at which index the element to be added or removed.

2. deleteCount — states how many elements to be removed from the index specified.

for example: if it is 1, it deletes the specified index

3. items — (optional) states what is the element to be…

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