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Hello Everyone welcome to my blog 🙏. Hope you are all safe and this blog finds you in good health ❤️. Firstly, Wishing you everyone a happy and fantastic year ahead 🤝.

In this blog, we will be knowing about one of the preprocessors of CSS which is very fascinating…

As we know that Javascript is synchronous. To achieve async calls we normally use promises, callbacks and other profound techniques. But to understand callbacks in-depth, we need to know how Javascript actually process the code.

Key takeaways from this story:

  1. Heap, Stack and Queue.
  2. How they are associated with the event loop?

Heap, Queue and Stack.

Heap, Queue and Stack


In Javascript, everything…

Being front-end developers, we have come across many challenges on a regular basis. we would have created many components in order to re-use them throughout our Web application.
Basically, What is the difference between page and component?
In simple words, Pages are a combination of components in most of the cases.


It is the management system that is used in development to maintain the files in systematic order. Like if we have several files and corresponding HTML and CSS files for that, it will be a difficult task.
To maintain all those files, Webpack is useful.
It bundles all the files and necessary…

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